Center For Multi-Faceted Learning

CML provides the students with e-learning (NPTEL-SWAYAM), Personality Development, and Entrepreneurship Capsule Courses. It also provides courses for students aspiring to join Armed Forces. Apart from regular professional learning, CML brings the students an opportunity to prepare for various entrance exams like GATE, P.S.U, Civil Service Examinations like U.P.S.C along with Employment Enhancement programs.

About CML

Center for Multi-Faceted Learning is a hub for imparting ethical and general-purpose knowledge in terms of education, morality, and humility. The concept of this program is to utilize all the capabilities of the students to negotiate and clinch top-quality communication skills, problem-solving skills, and develop distinctive personalities. This absolutely helps students to identify their fields of interest. A lot of activities under this updated society surely help the students to explore and have a broader view of their selective fields. In addition to this center also encourage students for enrolling in MOOCs and get involved in self-learning which will lead to incremental knowledge and development of interest in different fields. Being a part of this club an individual can primarily build not only his/her personal individualization but also enrich their mindset with optimistic thoughts, constructive behavior, and confidence.
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Center For Multi-Faceted Learning

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Oct, 2022

Series fulfilled with the great experience lessons remarking the importance of crucial time, time management skills, productivity and efficiency

Time Management

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Sept, 2022

Workshop enriched with excellent knowledge of demanding technology and thinking out of box, illustrating use of NFTs representing real-world items like artwork & real estate

Acceleration Zone 2.0

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Sept, 2022

Webinar demonstrates the quote - "The price of success is hard work, dedication to job at hand, & determination that whether we win/lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand"